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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a modular home?

Typically it takes about 1/3 the time to build a Modular Home than it does a site built stick home.  Your home will be delivered in 4 to 6 weeks from the day we place the order for your new home with our manufacturer, (this happens when all permits are acquired).  While your home is on order the site work on your building lot will start, to ready it for delivery of your home.  On average a modular home will take about 5-6 days to build in the factory.  After delivery to the site and setting the home on the foundation, it will take us about 6-12 weeks to finish the home.  This time frame is solely dependent on the amount of additional site work, such as garages, porches, decks, that are to be built on site as well as wood floor installation, tile work, etc… some good news  -  we are not held up waiting for local inspectors during each step of the building process.  They are all but taken out of the equation because a third party inspection agency certifies the home has been built to the state and local building codes so they are not needed until final inspections.  The biggest hold up typically is getting the utilities hooked up to the home.  We are at the mercy of the process and the utility companies schedule(s).

Are modular homes better quality construction than site built homes?

All modular homes are precision engineered for a lifetime of trouble free structural durability.  An “indoor” assembly line production process allows for the use of tools unavailable to a site builder such as jigs which assures precision and consistency throughout and helps ensure all walls, floors and ceilings are square and plumb.  Exterior walls are constructed with 2x6 SPF # 2 or better where the typical site built home uses 2x4’s.  This 2x6 exterior wall construction standard also allows for a Higher R-Value of Insulation making it more energy efficient than a site built home.  Because of the nature of a modular home and there being one module on top of another, there is better sound proofing in a 2 story home.  Typically in a site built home the ceiling of the 1st floor  is the floor of the 2nd floor so you hear practically all noise on the upper floor.  Our factories have quality trained skilled workers who have been with them for years where site builders generally have a difficult time hiring and keeping good quality “skilled” workers/subcontractors.  Many will sub out parts of the project and do it based on the lowest bid which makes it that much more difficult to maintain quality and consistency.  To deal with the rigors of shipping and being lifted by a crane, each modular home is constructed with roughly 20% to 30% more material than a traditional stick built home.  Floor and walls are typically glued with a special adhesive and then screwed to the framing greatly increasing the structural strength of the home.  Quality control is maintained by constant inspection in these controlled factory conditions throughout the whole construction process by factory inspectors and third party inspectors who are responsible for certifying/sealing the plans for each home to assure they comply with the state and local codes your home is being delivered to.

How much does it cost to build a modular home?

Typically a modular home is much less expensive to build than a site built home for several reasons.  1st – the factory builds hundreds of homes in one location so they are able to obtain much larger discounts with all of their suppliers for materials.  2nd  - the cost of factory labor vs. site or sub contractor labor is much lower on the average.  3rd – because it takes 1/3 the time to build the interest costs during the construction phase is much less.

There are no prices listed on the website?

Modular home prices have many variables.  Please go to the Floor Plans page listed in the Navigation bar listed under Ritz-Craft Homes (upper left) under the Home Button and pick out a plan you might want to build.  Please give us a call and let us know which home and so we can ask a few other questions.  Once we do this we can send you a very comprehensive budget worksheet for that particular home based on the bench mark specifications as listed on the standard specifications page.  This worksheet will go a long way in giving you an idea of what an all in cost might be.  Please note, as stated already, modular home prices have many variables that can/will change the price of a home but we do our best to give as much of the information we can.  We call it no surprise budgeting.

Why am I getting different prices for the same size/type home?

This is something you really need to be aware of.  When you ask for a price for a home you need to know exactly what is included in that price and also what is not included.  There are a lot of items that need to be called out and priced.  Our budget worksheet will spell it all out as best as we can with the information we know at the time.  One thing we won’t do is intentionally leave things out so we can give you a lower cost up front to get you to commit to us as your builder only to add these costs in later.  We won’t say other builders are doing this intentionally but one has to wonder?  Give us a call and we can explain this more in detail.  Our honesty and integrity is what we trade on.

Can I build a Custom Modular Home?

Yes, and there are a few ways to do this.

  1. You can provide a plan you like and we will tweak it so it can be built in a modular format.
  2. You can pick a home that we currently manufacturer and we can tweak it to meet your needs and desires.
  3. We can design one from scratch based on your criteria…

We are not your ordinary builder.  We use a computer aided drafting (CAD) program called Chief Architect to design draw and build your dream home.  Don’t spend money on an Architect, we can do it for you and if you build with us there is no charge for this service.  Another part of our design service  - we will give you a Chief Architect viewer program so you can see your home as it is being developed in the comfort of your own home and show your family and friends what it looks like in 3D, from any angle inside and out.  You no longer have to look at a flat floor plan and try and imagine what your home will look like.

What if I want a feature not offered by the factory?

If it is something that can be purchased, delivered and installed on site we are very happy to help coordinate this.

Are Modular Homes Energy Efficient?

Generally Modular Homes are the most energy efficient home you can build because of the building methods and materials used.  We call them PERFORMANCE HOMES.  2x6 outer walls allow for standard R-19 insulation in all the exterior sidewalls.  A typical site built home uses R-13.   R-30 insulation is standard in the attic but you can get a much higher R-Value should you want that.  Thermo-pane low-e glass windows and insulated exterior doors are standard.  Plumb walls and ceilings make the home much tighter therefore there is less air infiltration which is one of the largest causes of heat loss in a home.  Because of the nature of the construction process and the fact that the home shows up between 80% & 95% complete at the site, it is much easier to build an Energy Star Certified home via modular construction than site built construction.

I hear a lot about “Green” building - are Modular Homes Green?

Green building is a practice of using sustainable materials and designs in new construction.  Modular homes by their very nature are green.  They are assembled in an enclosed indoor environment which contributes to reduced waste of materials at the factory due to their recycling efforts.  The environmental impact at the job site and on the community is lessened also because it is built off site.   Most importantly, building in an enclosed environment and because materials are stored inside, the chance of mold inside your home is virtually eliminated making for healthier air inside the home.  If you would like a “Green Certified” Home we can build it for you on one of three levels (Bronze, Silver or Gold).

Are Modular Homes covered by a warranty?

Yes, every modular home Phoenix builds comes with a 2/10 Warranty.  The first year is covered by the factory, years 2 through 10 are covered through a Home Buyers Warranty Company.