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Using timber or steel, modular can drastically reduce construction time and increase ROI on any commercial development.

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Why Modular

Today's commercial modular technology allows for the same level of creative freedom and flexibility as conventional construction. This, along with the significant reduction in construction time, has convinced developers across the country to build modular. In fact, a recent report by McKinsey & Company revealed how modular is transforming construction: "Modular construction can cut schedule by 20–50 percent and construction costs by 20 percent."

A successful modular project requires collaborative planning and project management. To ensure the best possible outcome, we recommend engaging with Phoenix as early in the process as possible. Modular may not be right for every project, but when it is, it offers many advantages in terms of speed of construction, reduced change orders, quality, and sustainability.

Save Time

Up to 80% of total project work is completed in-factory, reducing labor costs by using the latest industry technology and assembly-line efficiency. By simultaneously building the modules in the factory while foundation work is completed, project timelines can be reduced by up to 50%.

Build with Phoenix

Drop-Ship Service

Experienced developers and general contractors can take advantage of this service to expedite the construction timeline and reduce costs by utilizing your own construction team to complete the project. Phoenix will design, build, transport, and assemble the modules on your foundation. Once assembled, your team will be responsible for finishing the remaining site work. This is an excellent way to mitigate weather related risk by building 80% of the project in a controlled environment, saving you time and money.

Turn-Key Service

Phoenix will be by your side every step of the way from design through certificate of occupancy. Through the turn-key service, Phoenix will manufacture, transport, set, and complete all on-site construction. A one-stop shop for your project.

The decision to go modular was, in retrospect, the right call, given how harsh a winter it has been and what kind of impact that could have had on work done onsite. It was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.


The Robert Noble Manor project's completion is exciting. We're very happy about it

Larry Gumina, Springpoint Senior Living

Gary Hirsch, Executive Director South Amboy Renaissance Corp.




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